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"If you’re still wondering what it is they serve, it’s basically the love child of Asian rice plates and hamburgers. To ensure freshness, they bring the raw meat on truck and cook it on-site along with the “buns” that are made with high quality Japanese sticky rice, which they tweak with some added starch and vinegar to maintain its form when being pressed into buns and grilled (helps it not dissolve into a giant mess all over your face while walking). They use a Korean BBQ sauce to marinate their shaved beef with added flavors of soy and honey for their own spin,"

          -- Dan McCarthy

"Have been eyeing this truck for awhile from its spot at Bolyston and Washington (Tues and Weds) and finally checked it today.

So good! They have two vegetarian options which is great; Vegan Chicken and Shaved Mushroom. You have the choice of a regular bun or the rice bun, you would be crazy to get the regular bun, it is called Rice Burg after all! Also you have a choice of sauce sweet and sour or spicy (which they with customize to your liking).

I went with the Vegan Chicken with medium spicy on the rice bun, and the fries with sea salt.

The vegan chicken patty was good, a fried patty slightly better than Morningstar. It also came with a grilled pineapple, mmmmm! I loved the sauce and the rice bun is so unique so good, and held together well.

I really enjoyed the fries. I usually prefer a thinner crisper fry, and these looked like a thicker fry I wouldn't like, but they were perfectly crisp on the outside, while having a delicious warm potato filling."

          -- Melissa K

Riceburger! A savory twist on American Classic. We offer delicious burgers that replace plain ol' burger buns with rice buns. It's like rice bowl on the go! That being said, we also offer Cilantro rice bowl and healthy salad bowl. All served with your choice of yummy fillings! From Bulgogi Beef to Vegetarian "Chicken", whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, we got a dish for YOU